Scrapr content policy

Last Updated: 20 May 2024
While we appreciate your feedback and descriptions of the scrap selling experience, there are certain expectations we have for every user on Scrapr. Your submissions, including photos, profiles, and any comments you share, are all subject to our Content Policy and guidelines, as well as our Code of Conduct for Scrapr Partners.
If your activity on Scrapr does not adhere to these guidelines, we reserve the right to take the necessary action. This may involve modifying or removing your submissions, limiting your activity, or even suspending your Scrapr account, with or without prior notice. Additionally, Scrapr employs algorithms to assist in identifying and removing suspicious content.
If you encounter any content that violates these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please report it to us. We will review all reports; however, due to the diverse nature of our community, content that you find objectionable may not always meet the criteria for removal.
Scrapr user code of conduct
Streamline Your Submissions: To ensure we maintain the highest-quality content beneficial to all users, please ensure that your scrap pick-up requests contain relevant information. Providing clear details about the type and quantity of scrap helps our Scrapr Partners efficiently manage collections. We encourage you to provide concise yet informative requests, making it easier for Scrapr parnters (Kabadiwalas) to understand your needs.nd services which are being provided by us, and also sets out how we may collect, disclose and use the personal information (name, address, localization, income, etc.) of users. Users may use our services and products via Mobile Application, Website, or by calling the Customer Support Team. By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy policy and agree to its Terms and conditions.
Stay on Topic: Please keep your interactions on Scrapr related to scrap pick-up requests and transactions with Scrapr Partners. Any irrelevant, promotional, or misleading content may be removed without notice. Additionally, repeated submissions that do not comply with our guidelines may result in restricted access to our platform.
Maintain Professionalism: Maintain a respectful and professional tone in all your communications with Scrapr Partners. Avoid the use of offensive language, threats, or discriminatory remarks. We strive to foster a positive environment for all users, and any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
Submit Genuine Experiences: Only submit authentic and factual information about your scrap transactions. Fabricated or exaggerated claims are not acceptable. Reviews based on hearsay or unrelated experiences will be removed. Deceptive practices, such as soliciting or accepting incentives for positive reviews, are strictly prohibited and may result in account suspension.
Avoid Solicitation: Do not engage in soliciting Scrapr Partners for personal benefits in exchange for scrap pick-up services. Any attempt to offer or accept monetary incentives (Apart from scrap actual price), free services, or other benefits in return for favourable treatment violates our policies and will be dealt with accordingly.
Respect Others': Content Respect the intellectual property rights of others by refraining from plagiarizing or reposting content without proper authorization. Ensure that all content you submit is original and does not infringe upon the rights of others.
Be Transparent: If you have any affiliations with Scrapr partner or receive benefits related to a scrap transaction, disclose them transparently in your review submission. Honesty and transparency are crucial to maintaining trust within our community. If you have made it to the major league as a sustainability writer or critic, let us know and we can provide special access for your blog link to appear with your review. We love summaries, but incomplete reviews with a manually added link will be removed.
Maintain a Professional Profile: Your Scrapr profile reflects your identity within our platform. Please use appropriate screen names and profile information. Any inappropriate or misleading profile content like bio, profile image, names may result in account removal depending on how inappropriate your profile is.
Adhere to Guidelines: All submissions must comply with Scrapr's Terms and Conditions, as well as relevant local laws and regulations. Any content that violates these guidelines may be moderated or removed.
Don’t be a bully: We take allegations of blackmail or threatening behaviour against Scrapr partners very seriously. This activity is strictly against our guidelines and may also be illegal in many locations. Reviews submitted in an attempt to blackmail a Scrapr Partner and its associates will be deleted.
Report Misconduct: If you encounter any misconduct from Scrapr partner or violations of our Code of Conduct, please report them to us. We take such matters seriously and will take appropriate action to address them.
Photo Policy
We appreciate if you click photo of your scrap selling experience to promote recycling and empower our Scrapr partners? That said, it's important to keep in mind our photo guidelines, and understand why some photos may be moved or removed once they've been added.
Violation of the below mentioned pointers may lead to deduction of Scrapr points, reduced visibility or deletion of your pictures.
  • Photos that are exact duplicates of other photos
  • Plagiarized photos
  • Photos of others posted without their permission
  • Photos that contain promotional content
  • Photos that are blurry or unclear
  • Photos that contain text, or are not related to scrap selling experience
  • Photos containing watermarks or write-ups of any kind
  • Photos containing and focussing on subjects other than scrap or scrapr partner
  • Unpleasant photos and inappropriate photos
Scrapr Partner Content Policy:
Becoming a Scrapr Partner (Kabadiwala) opens avenues to connect with a wide network of people who are looking to sell their scrap. Here are some essential guidelines to adhere to:
Maintain an Updated Profile: Keep your Scrapr profile up-to-date. If there are any changes, promptly update your profile to ensure accurate information for scrapr users, like an accurate vehicle number and type, rates of scrap offered, if a digital weighing machine is available, or if there are any changes in your operating hours or services offered.
Avoid Soliciting Reviews: Encourage positive experiences with your scrap collection service through excellent service and fair transactions. Soliciting reviews, offering incentives for positive reviews, or working with third-party agencies to manipulate reviews is strictly prohibited.
Refrain from offering freebies, discounts, or payment in exchange for reviews.
Do not incentivize users to remove reviews.
Avoid any form of competition with other Scrapr partner to collect reviews.
Do not engage with companies or third-party vendors promising to manipulate reviews or ratings.
Respond Constructively to Feedback: Embrace feedback, both positive and negative, as an opportunity for improvement. Respond to criticism positively and use it to enhance your scrap collection service. However, refrain from offering incentives to users to edit or remove their reviews. Accepting or canceling the scrap pick-up service depends upon whether the services are approachable to the user or not and whether the service boy is picking up the scrap from the location which is accessible. Scrapr has its rights in which it can accept or refuse the request initiated by the seller. A seller can also start the request or cancel the request as per their requirements and for this, no charges will be applicable. Once the service boy reaches the location and then pays for the scrap is being done by the service person then the seller cannot cancel the request and cannot ask for the products & goods back. As per the Indian laws, illegal trades or activities are not allowed, if any activity takes place then strict action can be taken as per the court of law.
Be Accountable: Take accountability for your actions and uphold the integrity of your scrap collection service. Scrapr will not moderate questionable activities related to your service, such as non-compliance with regulations or inappropriate conduct. Report any misuse or abuse of the platform to Scrapr support.
Maintain Neutrality: Scrapr aims to maintain neutrality and fairness in its content. Scrapr Partners, along with their affiliates, are prohibited from writing reviews on the platform to avoid bias. Additionally, Scrapr does not endorse any employees or affiliates paid to review. If you encounter any such practices, report them to Scrapr support for appropriate action.
By adhering to these guidelines, Scrapr Partners contribute to fostering a trustworthy and reliable scrap collection community on the Scrapr platform.